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Tulsa Vintage Vinyl Records

Beginning in the early 1950s, vinyl records were gaining popularity as a music recording and playback medium. The first successful test recordings were released to the public in 1916 by Berliner (although Edison made some experimental disks back in 1877). But it was not until 1948, with the introduction of the long-playing record that sales really exploded! Within two years after their initial marketing, 78 r.p.m. record sales fell 40 million units behind those of “new” 45 r.p.m. LPs (source: Wikipedia ).


So, what is now known as vintage records began to be introduced to the market around this period which means they are now 60+ years old! Vinyl records have proven through many years of experimenting that they are much less fragile than originally thought. They can easily last more than 30 years without any noticeable change in the sound quality, which is why many people still enjoy vinyl records.


Vintage records stores have not always been around through the history of vinyl records. The first store opened in New York City in 1969 and was called “Bag o’ Nails” (source: Wikipedia ). It seems that with the rising popularity of these record shops came an increased demand for shopping for vintage vinyl at local record conventions as well as organized events featuring all things related to buying, selling, trading, collecting, and listening to these old records.


Managing vintage record stores has become somewhat easier now because of technology; if a person does not have a local shop they can always find one online. There are also many vintage records for sale on the internet through eBay, Etsy, and other similar sites. The key to all of this is research; you should do some online digging before making any purchase, whether it is offline or online because vinyl records vary in quality and price.

What if I Want to Buy Vintage Records in Tulsa?

If you want to buy vintage vinyl records then it might be best for you to know what certain words related to these records mean; record condition (mint, near mint, excellent, very good, good), record labels (companies that pressed them like Capitol or London), recording formats (45 r.p.m singles or albums) and pressing plants (the company that produced them).


 It is also of utmost importance to have an idea of what you are looking for specifically when buying vintage records, whether it is by artist or category. You can also get ideas for your search from other people who are more experienced in the field than you are.


Not only are vinyl records becoming collectible items, but they are once again being used as a preferred music playback medium! Vinyl sales have surpassed new digital album sales in the United States (source: Record Store Day ). Many local record stores host listening booths where you can try out various artists and genres on their specific sound system. These retailers even give customers free insights into their personal collections of vinyl records!

Tulsa’s Best Selection of Vinyl Records

When you are hoping to find vintage vinyl records in beautiful condition, Grandpa’s Records is sure to have everything you want. This amazing store, which was opened in honor of Grandpa, is located in the heart of Broken Arrow, and will quickly fill you with enjoyable nostalgic memories!