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Tulsa Record Store Near Me

Tulsa Record Store Near Me

If you are looking for a Tulsa record store, then look no further – Grandpa’s Records & More is the premier record store for audiophiles in the Tulsa, OK, area. Grandpa’s Records & More began decades ago when Grandpa purchased his first LP record and record player in 1956 while stationed at the Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Throughout his military career spanning 21 years and even long after retiring, music was Grandpa’s passion. He had quite the music collection – up to 40,000 units of music, and wanted to share his collection with the world by owning a record store.

After his passing, Grandpa’s daughter and granddaughter honor the musical patriarch by opening the business. This Tulsa record store is a music lover’s dream, and we know Grandpa would be proud!

What Sets Grandpa’s Records & More Apart

Passion – pure and simple. Granda’s Records & More was founded on a man’s love for music and is a way to share Grandpa’s collection with the world. While competitors may be focusing on the profits, Grandpa’s Records & More is focused purely on the music. The passion for vinyl, records, and more can be felt as soon as you visit our Tulsa record store.

Grandpa’s Records & More Products

When shopping at our Tulsa record store, you can purchase new and vintage records, 45’s, and CDs. We also offer your favorite band t-shirt, as well as DVDs focusing on your favorite bands. In our online store, you can preorder upcoming releases. We also offer titles from the following music genres:

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Rap & Hip-Hop
  • R&B & Soul
  • Blues & Jazz
  • World Music
  • Country & Folk
  • Reggae
  • Dance & Electronic
  • Classical
  • Punk

Our Tulsa record store is also a great source to buy the newest releases, and we offer great sales periodically. If you are a music lover, then be sure to stop by and browse our thousands of titles. You can also browse our collection online by visiting our online store.

Stay Connected To Our Tulsa Record Store

We hope you choose to visit Grandpa’s Records & More in person. Upon visiting our Tulsa record store, you will feel right at home; all audiophiles and music lovers are welcome to experience the wide variety of titles featured in our collection. If you want to connect with our business before visiting, or perhaps to stay in the loop for the newest releases, you can find us on Facebook. We also encourage you to routinely visit our website to check out the latest titles. If you have any specific questions regarding our Tulsa record store, you can email us at support@grandpasrecords.com or call us at (918) 637-1962.