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Tulsa Record Store

Tulsa Record Store

There’s a pep in your step. Hands are clammy with anticipation. What will be awaiting me once I get there? Will it be a newly released item or some rare find that needs the dust brushed off? Either way , a trip to the record store evokes all kinds of emotions for us. I guess you could say we get it from our Grandpa. Grandpa, who is the founder of Grandpa’s Records & More, fell in love with music at an early age.

He purchased his first LP and record player in 1956. Soon his collection grew to over 40 thousand units. What do you do with all of those records? You create a place where you can both house and listen to them uninterrupted. Grandpa created his music room but had bigger dreams of owning a Tulsa record store. He wanted to share his love of music with everyone. Grandpa didn’t get to realize his dream of owning his own record store. However, we’ve carried his legacy forward with Grandpa’s Records & More.

Why Our Tulsa Record Store?

At Grandpa’s Records & More we have an extensive selection of all genres of music. If we taught a course, it would be called “Music Appreciation 101”. Our passion for all kinds of music is evident in our extensive selection. We sell both new and used CD’s, LP’s and DVD’s. There’s bound to be something for you or a special someone in your life. We even have a selection of artist and band T-shirts that are sure to get heads turning.We add hundreds of titles weekly. It is important to us to always bring you the latest finds in vintage music and new releases. Our site lists new and upcoming music weekly and you even have the opportunity to pre order. Who doesn’t want to be the first to have exclusive music? So if you’ve got your eyes peeled for something in particular we are your one stop shop. Check out some of our other genres below.

  • Indie
  • Rock & Pop
  • Rap / Hip-Hop
  • R&B/ Soul
  • Blues & Jazz
  • World Music
  • Country & Folk
  • Reggae
  • Dance & Electric
  • Classical

The Tulsa Record Store You’re Looking For

These days, it seems as if we are all spending just a little more time at home. There is no time like the present to build your music collection. One great album is all that it takes to uplift and comfort the soul. Our Grandpa understood that music can connect you to the past, present or future. We want to be a part of that journey with you!

Whether it be a song that causes you to travel back down memory lane or the soundtrack to something that has yet to happen. We’ve got you covered! Good music never goes out of style!

Grandpa’s Records & More has exactly what you need. We happily serve the Tulsa Metro Area and are located inside the Vintage Phoenix in Broken Arrow. Grandpa’s Records & More, Tulsa vinyl records at their best!