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Tulsa Old Vinyl Records

Tulsa Old Vinyl Records

What’s so special about old vinyl records?  Where do we begin?  Old vinyl records offer much more than nostalgia.  Vinyl offers unique sound quality, special graphic art, and often bonus material that you can’t get in any other form. At Grandpa’s Records & More we know what it means to appreciate an old vinyl record.

Vinyl records were the primary medium for recorded sound from the late 1800s until they were gradually superseded by compact discs (CDs) in the ’80s and ’90s. The reasons most people prefer old vinyl records versus all other formats are enhanced audio quality, tactile feel of album art, the rarity of certain pressings, and bonus content.

Vintage Tulsa Old Vinyl Records

Why are old vinyl records so important?  The foundation of the music business for over 100 years, old vinyl records offer limited editions that simply cannot be replicated on newer formats like CDs or digital downloads. The album cover size is limited by the 12 inch circumference of the record, so album art is very important. Vinyl records can contain up to 20 minutes of music per side, which allows for extended play and bonus tracks that aren’t available on CDs or downloads.

The biggest difference between old vinyl records and modern formats like CD, MP3 digital downloads, etc., is the audio quality.  A vinyl record played on a high end turntable with a separate, powered phono pre-amplifier and good quality moving coil or moving magnet cartridge will sound incredible, even by today’s standards. This is due to how information is stored on the record (vinyl).

A vinyl record contains continuous variable grooves that are read by a stylus that vibrates as the record rotates.  These vibrations are converted into electrical signals, which are then amplified and sent to speakers where we hear them as sound.

Tulsa Old Vinyl Records – Collecting Vinyl

Collecting vinyl records is very popular today.  Grandpa’s Records & More has been buying and selling vinyl records in Tulsa for many years. We buy individual albums, entire collections, or anything in between.  We have a wide variety of genres including:

  • Indie
  • Rock & Pop
  • Rap & Hip Hop
  • R & B Soul
  • Blues & Jazz
  • World Music
  • Country & Folk
  • Dance & Electronic
  • Classical
  • Reggae
  • Punk

If you are looking to add to your collection or own a unique piece of music history, stop by today. Our records are reasonably priced and we have staff on hand that can offer you music advice to find exactly what you’re looking for.   You can also shop our extensive selection of used vinyl records online.

Grandpa’s Records & More is located in the Vintage Phoenix Marketplace in Broken Arrow.  Near the intersection of 91st Street and S Elm Place.  We are a short drive from anywhere in Tulsa or Broken Arrow.

Take a look at some of our vinyl record selections. We have something for everyone! Let us help you take your collection to the next level and discover new and exciting music.

We can’t wait to see you soon!